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Healing Your Mind & Body

A far infrared sauna is an investment in a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to your health there is no compromise. The deep penetrating heat of the TheraSauna® New Classic far infrared sauna brings relief and healing to muscles and joints.

  • Burns calories and regulates weight - burn as much as 700 caolories per session!
  • Relieves pain and stiffness from Arthritis, Bursitis, and Rheumatism
  • Helps strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Relieves tension, stress and fatigue
  • Aids in removing toxins from the body
  • Helps boost and improve the immune system
  • Assists in improving skin tone and reducing cellulite
  • Great before a workout, run or massage
  • Far infrared is used by medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, physical therapists, sports medicine specialists and NASA
  • Far infrared is safe and FDA approved

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Patented Sauna Technology

Patented StableHeat™ Technology

The exclusive patented TheraSauna® StableHeat™ Control System automatically maintains constant output of 9.4 far infrared microns for your entire sauna session. The StableHeat System doesn't turn on and off like other saunas but stays on during your entire sauna session to maintain the surface temperature of the heaters, providing a continuous and effective 9.4 micron range of far infrared to the user, heating your body more evenly, safely, and effectively.

Patented Solid Ceramic TheraMitters™

TheraMitters™ warm the body not the air. TheraSauna® Therapeutic Saunas operate at a safer, more comfortable temperature of 110 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. TheraSauna Patented TheraMitters™ are a solid ceramic heating element. The concave solid ceramic TheraMitter™ heaters spread far infrared heat waves in a 180 degree pattern, effectively covering every inch inside the sauna. TheraSauna® solid ceramic heaters have the highest glass content in the industry which provides uninhibited transmission and output of the far infrared. TheraMitters™ are backed by a LIFETIME guarantee.

Proven Performance

Solid Ceramic TheraMitters™ remain the gold standard for producing the most vital micron range of far infrared for the human body. No other sauna manufacturer can deliver constant 9.4 microns of far infrared, the level required for greatest absorption and healing by the body. TheraSauna® TheraMitters™ are 96% efficient and have no harmful EMF. Without true far infrared you will only experience surface level heat which is like sitting in a car on a hot day.

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Surround Yourself with Uncompromising Quality

MPS Touchview Control Panel

This control allows you to vary the infrared output from each TheraMitter™ zone and control the infrared micron range. This is a tremendous feature for multiple sauna users. The person on the right can set their back TheraMitters™ on full power and their feet to half power while the person on the left can set their back TheraMitter™ to 80% power and their feet to 60% power. This is an awesome feature which allows programming personal comfort level settings from 1 to 15 for each zone. The combinations of power settings are unlimited and will please even the choosiest of consumers.
The SpectraWave function allows the sauna to wave through an entire infrared spectrum. The sauna’s onboard computer system has 8 different pre-selected power settings which it will scroll through a new setting every 2 minutes. This feature will WOW even the most scrutinizing sauna user as they will be receiving near, middle and far infrared throughout the spectrum as this feature is set in motion.
The Stable Heat "Patented Control System" automatically maintains a constant output of far infrared heat at the 9.4 micron level. Other saunas turn off after reaching their set convection air temperature, losing air temperature and creating an ineffective range of infrared. The TheraSauna® StableHeat™ System does not turn off, but powers down and sends a trickle charge of electricty to maintain the surface temperature of the TheraMitter™ heaters, thus providing a continuous and effective 9.4 micron range of far infrared to the user.
7 Day
Programmable Control
(Dual Users)
The programmable control allows you to set the desired time your sauna will turn on Monday through Sunday. Set the timer to pre-heat the sauna for you so it is ready when you get home from a hard day at work or it is ready to go when you pop out of bed in the morning. Getting into a cold sauna and waiting for it to warm-up is a thing of the past. Just press, set and forget... the sauna will remember the rest and be ready when you are. The onboard computer memory will hold the settings in memory even if the sauna experiences a power failure.
Micron Power Select
Spectra Wave
Stable Heat
Dual Users

Built With Non-Toxic Materials

TheraSauna® Therapeutic Saunas are the only far infrared sauna made in the USA. The portable sauna is handcrafted with the highest quality non-toxic and non-allergenic components available for years of durability, lasting beauty and enjoyment. TheraSauna is the only sauna constructed with non-toxic clear Aspen hardwood - tongue and groove in and out.

$ Energy Efficient

At the heart of the TheraSauna® Far Infrared Sauna are the solid ceramic heaters with a radiant efficiency of 96% - the highest sauna efficiency available - compared to 50 to 55% for ceramic rod heaters, tubular heaters, carbon heaters and aluminum heaters. Enjoy your sauna knowing it only costs pennies per thirty minute session.

Solid Construction Assembles Easily

TheraSauna® Therapeutic Far Infrared Saunas are easily assembled in as little as 30 to 60 minutes. The high quality furniture locking ties secure the sauna panels for years of durability and lasting beauty.

Quality Assurance

TheraSauna® is the only far infrared sauna made in the USA. Providing you with THE safest and healthiest sauna is our number one goal. We proudly manufacture in a state of the art facility with the highest standards of fine furniture craftsmanship. All TheraSauna® Therapeutic Saunas are backed by the manufacturer's LIFETIME warranty.


Relax! TheraSauna® is the only far infrared sauna that is fully CSA UL and CE approved - the entire sauna, not just the light or radio. Saunas made in China CAN NOT get this certification. TheraSauna® has been tested and certified by CSA International and Underwriters Laboratory the major electrical safety testing agency for the U.S. and Canada. The CSA C/US mark signifies that the product meets applicable U.S. and Canadian standards, including those from CSA, CSA America, ANSI, ASME, ASSE, ASTM, NSF, and UL. TheraSauna is also CE approved and meets the rigorous standards in Europe. Additionally, TheraSauna™ is the only far infrared sauna that is FDA registered. CSA certificate

Warming Up to Far Infrared?

Far Infrared Saunas are revolutionizing health and longevity. Now is the time to own the world's most promising health and wellness tool, the TheraSauna® Therapeutic Far Infrared Sauna. TheraSauna® is the safest and healthiest sauna on the market today! Don't be fooled by the imitations. It's time for you to experience what doctors and researchers have known for years - sauna sessions heal!

Woman laying in TheraSauna Classic

Wellness Commitment for 45 Years!

As an innovator in patented spa therapy since 1966, QCA Spas, the manufacturer of TheraSauna® prides itself in being a wellness company committed to using only healthy materials to build saunas. Since 1995 TheraSauna has been the leader in developing and patenting sauna technology and holds five worldwide patents. TheraSauna® makes no false claims and will back up everything they say with scientific reports and research.

TheraSauna - a must have sauna for a better, healthier life!